Terms of Use



Thank you for using our ifilmrestoration platform and the products, services and functions that we make available to you as part of this platform (collectively referred to as the "service" in this document). Our service offers the possibility of uploading video files to our server against payment, analyzing them with the help of automated image recognition and improving the quality of them through digital filter mechanisms; After this process has ended, you can download the edited file for a fee. Uploaded files are automatically deleted after a period of thirty days.

Service provider

The company that provides the service is KRONOS Media GmbH, a company registered and operated under German law (registration number: HR B 113506) with its registered office at Milchstraße 6a, 20148 Hamburg, Germany (referred to as "KRONOS", "we "," us "or" our ").

Applicable Terms of Use

Your use of the Service is subject to these Terms of Use.

Age Requirements

You may use the service if you are of legal age according to the laws of your home country.


If you use the service on behalf of a company or organization, you confirm to us that you are authorized to act on behalf of this legal personality and that you agree to the validity of this agreement in a legally binding manner.

Privacy Policy

When you register for the service, we collect personal data that is used for billing and authentication during the payment process. We will not disclose your data to third parties.

Changes to the service

We are continuously improving the service. It is also possible that we have to change or discontinue the service or parts of it in order to optimize functionality and security, adapt functionality and features, comply with laws or prevent illegal activities on our systems or their misuse. We will take into account the effects of such changes on the use of the service at any time and weigh them against the respective legitimate interests. As far as it is reasonably possible for us, we will inform you of a discontinuation or significant changes to the service that have a negative impact on usage. However, we may have to make such changes without prior notice, for example for measures to ensure the security and functionality of our service, to prevent misuse or to comply with legal requirements.

Uploading Content

After registration and payment, you can upload video files to our service. You must not use content on the service that violates this agreement or the law. For example, the content you submit must not contain any third party intellectual property (such as copyrighted material) unless you have received authorization from that party or are otherwise authorized to do so by law. You are legally responsible for the content you submit through the service.

Rights Granted

You retain your rights as the author and all existing industrial property rights to your content. We only use your files for the restoration process and do not keep any copies.

Deleting your content

You may remove your content at any time. The service will automatically remove your files after thirty days.

Removal of content by KRONOS

If we can reasonably assume that content violates this agreement or could harm KRONOS or third parties, we may remove all or part of the content concerned. We will inform you of the relevant reason and give you the opportunity to remedy the violation, unless we reasonably assume that this (a) violates laws or orders of a law enforcement authority or creates liability for KRONOS or (b) would jeopardize the integrity or operation of the service.

Termination by you

You may stop using the service at any time. Any credit that is still available cannot be refunded.

Termination and Suspension by KRONOS for Cause

We may, if necessary, block or terminate your access to the Service if (a) you violate this Agreement materially or repeatedly, or (b) we need to do so to comply with legal requirements or a court order.

Terminations by KRONOS for Changes to the Service

If necessary, KRONOS can terminate your access to all or part of the service if KRONOS justifiably believes that the provision of the service is no longer economically viable.


We operate the service with appropriate care and skill.

Statement on guarantees

The legal framework prescribes certain rights for consumers that cannot be contractually excluded or changed. Nothing in this agreement affects these rights to which you as a consumer are entitled. Apart from the conditions expressly set out in this agreement or required by law, KRONOS does not provide any separate guarantees with regard to the service. For example, we do not make any guarantees as to the content provided via the service, regarding the specific functions of the service or its accuracy, qualitative results, reliability, availability or suitability for your purposes.

Changes to this Agreement

We reserve the right to make changes to this Agreement as appropriate, for example, to reflect changes to our service or for legal, regulatory or security reasons. KRONOS will inform you ahead of time of all material changes to this agreement and give you the opportunity to review them. However, changes that relate to newly available functions of the service or changes for legal reasons can take effect immediately. Changes are only effective for the future. If you do not agree to the changed terms of use, you should remove any content you have uploaded and stop using the service.


If any of the Terms of Use in this Agreement is unenforceable, the remaining Terms of Use will not be affected.


KRONOS can transfer this agreement in whole or in part to an affiliated company or, if KRONOS is sold, to a third party. You will be informed in advance of any changes.

No Waiver

If you fail to abide by this Agreement, but we do not take immediate action, it does not mean that we are waiving our rights entirely (e.g. the right to take action in the future).

Applicable Law

If you have your habitual residence in Germany, this agreement and your relationship with KRONOS within the scope of this agreement are subject to German law to the exclusion of the UN sales law. Legal proceedings can be brought before your local courts, which are competent according to the legal regulations. This choice of law makes no statement as to the law applicable to the service itself.